• How to Choose the Best Limo to Airport Transportation in White Plains and New York City

    Don’t think you need a limo to airport in New York?  You sure do!  So let me hear this right. You are making a big mistake if you try to do it alone and still expect to arrive at your final destination with your sanity intact!

    Driving yourself to the airport

    So you’re going to get up early, jam that last-minute fistful of underwear into your bag, fly out your door, run to the car, realize you forgot to get gas, stop for gas, skip coffee because now you’re running late, speed toward the bridge and hope there’s no traffic.

    Then you realize you left the Ez-pass on the counter so you have to use the cash lane, and now you’re really running late, but hey you can make up for it by red-lining the accelerator. Yes! It’s your lucky day, no cops. Whew. But you still have to find parking at the airport. And now you’re really cutting it close. Should have called for our airport limousine. But it’s not over yet.

    Not enough time for the economy lot and shuttle, so you’ve no choice but use the blood-sucking overpriced same-day lot if you want to make your flight. IF you make your flight. Even if there’s no delay at the kiosk (there probably will be), pray there is no line at the TSA scanner (there definitely will be, who are you kidding?).

    As you feverishly frantically fly down the corridor to your gate for boarding, you’ve already forgotten where you parked. Hope you get a chance to change out that sweaty shirt before the big meeting.

    OK, time for a better plan

    Use this simple quick form or call for our airport limo service at (914) 662-8446 and leave the rest to us.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch private limo to airport company:

    “We transport business men and women, and leisure travelers, to all metro New York airports. Our limo to airport car service that is stress-free door to door to the airline check-in counter, on-time every time.”

    1. Our drivers are on time

    You tell us the time of your flight and we tell you what time to be ready for pickup. It’s that easy. Belvedere will be outside waiting for you. Whether you are flying out of HPN Westchester County Airport White Plains or LGA LaGuardia airport, he already knows the quickest fastest route there. You will be early because we are always early. That’s how we roll – you are not going to miss your flight, not with us. You are going to arrive stress free and relax your way through the lines and check-in process. When you need reliable airport limo service to EWR Newark Liberty International Airport NJ, on time airport transportation to JFK, or relaxing airport car service to LGA LaGuardia Airport, White Plains Limos is the number to call.

    2. Our limos are clean

    Sure Chauffeur Belvedere works some pretty long hours making sure everyone gets to their flights on time, but he doesn’t live in the airport limo. So you will never have to endure the smell of a taxi driver’s spicy egg sandwich or eyeball his change of clothes in the passenger seat. No, not with us. If Belvedere ever saw that he would detonate. He keeps his limo to airport squeaky clean and sunshine fresh. Airport limo service must be clean and fresh. Save the stink bouquet for the subway.

    3. Our drivers are professional

    They all have clean valid licenses and are security screened. Your limo to airport chauffeur speaks intelligible, dresses appropriately, and completely respects you, the client. Belvedere is one hard-working limo driver. He is a definitive master of his craft, and he takes his job seriously. Just don’t try to hire him from under us – he’s our best employee.

    4. Your limo to airport is relaxing

    This is going to be one smooth ride with Belvedere behind the wheel. The gentle rhythmic rocking road and the comfy cozy cushions is futile to fight in a limo to airport ride. So go on and take a nap on your limo ride from Westchester to LGA LaGuardia Airport.  Or during your airport limo ride from Westchester County Airport HPN back home. There will be plenty of time to reread the quarterly sales report on the flight.

    5. Our drivers know all the routes

    If it’s one of those days where a panel truck rear-ends a dumpy white van and blocks all three lanes, don’t you worry. I said stress-free, didn’t I? Belvedere has been providing elite limo to airport car service to these NYC airports for years.  So he knows all the side-street save the day short-cuts to bypass and escape the craziest city traffic if necessary. Our airport limousine service always identifies the quickest route.

    6. Our limos are safe

    If you really wanted balding tires and one blank headlight you would have asked your unemployed neighbor for a ride to the airport, right? Our airport limousines are inspected daily and maintained regularly.  So if Belvedere ever has to hit the breaks hard they’re gonna work and you will not even feel it. So go back to your nap, Boss.  Later he’ll gently wake you up when you’re at the airport in LGA, JFK, EWR, or HPN. Safe and sound. You will not get that type of luxury service from a taxi ride to the airport. No way.

    So give White Plains Limos a ring at (914) 662-8446.  Tell us your flight details, and get a hassle-free quote for a limo to airport. Or use the simple form. This is way too easy. But it doesn’t mean you should go out partying the night before. You still have an important meeting, remember?