• From anniversaries to date nights out, using a limousine service will enhance any dining experience for an exceptional way to celebrate a special occasion or simply keep your romance alive. Using a limo rental makes for a great way to impress your spouse or significant other with five star treatment that will allow you to have an unforgettable night out on the town. It’s so easy.  Just fill-out the simple form or or call us anytime at (914) 662-8446.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch luxury limousine rental company for dining out: “We pamper couples with stylish and convenient transportation services to and from the home, bar, restaurant, and everything in between.”

    Many people prefer to rent a stretch limo for an impressive way of heading off to a fancy restaurant and soaking in every moment of the date. Couples can enjoy the intimacy of traveling in a safe and clean limo without worrying about directions or sitting in heavy traffic. It will make for an excuse to dress fancy and travel in style for a high class form of transportation that also offers privacy while on the road.

    Passengers can have peace of mind knowing that their chauffer will arrive early for pick-up and will maintain a flexible schedule that works around the individual’s schedule, even if it changes during the night. Whether the guests want to visit a second location for dessert or even head to a local bar for drinks, the driver will be ready to accommodate each request to make for a great experience.

    Guests will feel comfortable when they arrive on time to their restaurant with our Westchester limousine service, making it easy to dine over amazing food and drinks without feeling frazzled upon arrival. You can also drink leisurely without worrying about having to drive, with the help of well-attired chauffeurs who are safe and experienced with the local areas. Each driver is exceptional at navigating the city and is trained to drive safely in a timely and efficient manner.

    Passengers can also forget about finding parking at crowded downtown scenes, as the chauffer will drop them off on time at their destination and will wait patiently at a nearby location until the guests are ready to leave. It offers peace of mind without fighting traffic or worrying about paying for parking with valet.

    For those who want who want to feel like a celebrity and receive five star treatment, using a luxury sedan can make for an impressive way to travel with friends for birthday dinners or celebrations. A stretch limo or Escalade will also accommodate the guests comfortably without the fear of riding in a dirty taxi or a cramped vehicle. Women will have the space to apply their makeup in a clean limo while men can take advantage of the high class service by pouring themselves a complimentary drink in the car.

    There’s no better way to depart for dinner than by being greeted by well-attired chauffeurs who arrive early with a luxury sedan. They’ll allow each guest to feel like a celebrity by opening the door and helping each passenger into the limo rental in Westchester. It makes for an excuse to dress formal and surprise your date with flowers before it’s time to try some amazing food over a meal. When you travel in style, it makes for a great experience that will allow both you and your date to feel confident and enjoy feeling pampered for the night.

    So what are you waiting for?  Give us a quick ring and we’ll get you rolling. Call White Plains Limos at (914) 662-8446 or quickly complete the simple form.