• How to Use the Best Limo in NY to Impress a Date in Westchester

    Our lawyers told us we can no longer offer the “Baja Panti” impress a date guarantee, but trust me. From the moment you walk her out of the house and into the back of our luxury limo, she will start thinking about it. After all, a night out she’ll never forget may turn out to be a night you will never ever EVER forget. Understand what I’m saying Sam?  Call your boys at White Plains Limos anytime (914) 662-8446 or use the super simple form.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch luxury limo services company.

    “We set the stage for a great night by pampering you and your lady with luxurious and stylish limousine transportation services to and from the home, restaurant, club, theater, hotel, and everything in between.”

    1.  Our limos are sexy

    The kiss of luxury limo leather on your lady’s legs is just the warm up she needs to light a fire for you. Every time you two slide in and out of our limo she will get more and more turned on. On the way to dinner. Yup, great start to impress a date. Slipping back in the limo on the way to the club. Oh yeah, she’s feeling it. Without a doubt.

    Slide back in on the way to the next spot. You know you’re getting it. Slap back into the night on the town limo on your way to the hotel room. If you haven’t gotten it by now, then God help you for what she’s saving up. If she can’t control herself, don’t judge, I warned you.

    2. Our limos are clean

    Your lady wants to feel comfortable and natural. She wants to feel hot and naughty. But not dirty. There’s a big difference to impress a date properly. That’s why we keep our limos lickety clean. Belvedere takes great pride in knowing that no matter what happens back there with you and your lady, it all started completely spotless and fresh.

    3. Our drivers are professional

    The difference between a classy Boss and a novice player is style and discretion. You’re gaining primo points using White Plains Limos for your night out limo, Pal. Our limousine drivers are on the top of their game, just like you. Rest assured, Belvedere will not be flashing Facebook photos. Whatever you and your lady do with your iPhone, however, is nobody else’s business.

    4. Our schedule is flexible

    Wherever you want to go to impress a date, we’ll go. Spend some time at Long Island Vineyards or Hudson Valley limo wine tours.  Dinner went great and she’s getting chocolate drunk on the desert mousse, so you want to stay later than expected? No sweat. Eardrums ringing and want to jump off to someplace a little more intimate for a few mojitos? No prob. Belvedere knows you’re gonna change this up as the night goes, to make sure you keep your honey happy. You’re the Boss.

    5. Our limos are safe

    You want to spend the night sweaty with your Hottie, not curled up in Bubba’s arms, right? So by calling us, you don’t risk blowing a great night with a DUI. Getting arrested is no way to impress a date.  While that no-game loser hobbles back to his car alone and skids tire tracks into his JD fumes, Belvedere’s got you covered. You just sit back there soaking up your honey in a sexy romantic date limo and leave the after party driving to us.

    Impress a Date with a Luxury Limo

    Are you ready to step up your game to the big leagues Roger? Let the chumps dazzle their frumps with Applebee’s and a movie. You give White Plains Limos a ring at (914) 662-8446, give us your details, and book your luxury impress a date limo for your night out. Call us for a hassle free quote or fill out the form. This is a no-brainer, Boss.