• How to Choose the Best Sweet 16 Limo Service in White Plains NY and Westchester

    So like I totally got my mom to throw me a party. For my sweet sixteen. It’s gonna be so cool and stuff. I got this pretty dress, and these awesome shoes. And there’s gonna be like dancing with a D.J. and all. And lots a music and lights and probly some food. Like maybe a cake, or somethin’. And I like get to ride in a sweet 16 limo. I mean, sure you can totally ride with me an all. Ya. I mean, if we’re like still friends, an’ all.  You should really call ’em at (914) 662-8446.  Or just fill-out the form on their webpage.

    White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch sweet 16 limo services company, “They are like totally the hottest limo company around. And they’ll totally do whatever you want, like driving I mean, and make you feel, like, you’re the most special person in the world. And that’s real cool”

    1. Each sweet 16 limo is super clean

    Yeah, they’re like super duper clean. Like they clean ’em every day I think. Like maybe three times a day, or like maybe even ten times a day? Ya, like, they’re really clean. Not gross like that day in that icky cab. And I was like, what’s that smell? And you were like, I dunno. And I was like, I think it’s his breath or somethin. And you were like, I think it’s his feet. And I was like eeeew! And you were like, eeeew! And I was like, eeeew, is that a rotten sandwich? And you were like, I think it’s baloney. Eeeew. Eeeew!

    2. The sweet 16 limo chauffeurs are professional

    Yeah, like the guy who drives, I can’t remember what you call them. But he’s like all proper and stuff. Like he wears a suit an’ all, and even talks all proper. Like with these old people manners. Like that guy on that show. Ya know, the one with the rich guy, and the other guy who helps him all the time? And like sometimes the rich guy was a little mean, but then like the other guy was still totally cool? Anyway, he’s like that.  And don’t tell anyone, but I think he’s kinda cute. Like if he wasn’t really old, I mean, I think he’d be real cute if he was young. Ya maybe if he was a senior I would let him kiss me. But don’t tell anyone, like, cause ya know, he’s reeeeally old.

    3. Our sweet 16 limo drivers are on time

    You know how my mom is, like, always rushin me?  Ya know, hurry up we’re gonna be late. And like, it’s rude to make people wait. And all that? You’re mom is totally cool. Like she doesn’t even care. I really like her. But, ya know, my mom is always like, can’t you tell time? Sometimes, I just wish she would just leave me alone. But really, don’t tell her I said that! Cause like, ya know, she might not give me the party then. And they’re paying for the party, and totally getting me a super sweet limo and all. And that’s like soooo cool. Yeah, I really like my mom.

    4. Our sweet 16 limos are stylish

    Like I saw some pictures of the limos, and they’re like so cool. Like there’s black ones and they’re like, shiny and all. But they got these white ones too, and they like look pretty cool too. And I was thinking, ya know, the black one – it’s so hot, like I would totally look like Kesha in it. Like I was in Hollywood, or New York, or maybe even L.A. But, ya know, um, the white one is really cool, too.  Maybe it’s a little like a wedding an all, but I kinda really like the white one a lot too. Whatta ya think? We should totally call Jenn, and like ask her which one she likes. Totally. Yeah. And we should text her and uh send her some photos of my Sweet 16 Limousine. And we should make a Facebook page and like everyone can see the pictures, and ya know vote which one is the best. And then I’ll tell my mom, like, yeah.  That’s the one I want.

    5. Our schedule is flexible

    So um, I don’t know if we should pick up everyone at their house, like one at a time. Or like maybe you all meet at your house, and we just pickup everyone at your house with the limo, and then we go to the party where everyone else is. And my mom is, like, you better make up your mind. And she’s like, you better figure out what you want to do. And I was like, can’t we just tell the guy where we wanna go and he’ll just take us? And she was like, yeah, but you should still know what you’re doing. So I was like, but if he doesn’t care if we change it, then why are you still asking me? And then she just got all mean and yelled at me.

    6. Our limos are safe

    So my mom was like, they inspect the vehicles every day, or somethin like that. And she’s like I don’t trust just anyone to drive my little girl, blah blah blah. Like I don’t even know what she’s talkin about. But, ya it’s gonna be so totally cool riding in the sweet sixteen limo, like don’t ya think?  Like I’m gonna be like a rockstar or a movie star or somethin. Yeah, like a rockstar movie star! Ya. Sweet.

    Book your sweet 16 limo today

    So like you have to call their number, um I think it’s (914) 662-8446. And tell them the day and the time you want the sweet 16 limo to show up. Like they probly want the address too. I dunno, maybe the address of the house or the address of the party? Ya, they probly need both or they can just Google it or somethin.

    But you can’t just text ‘em, cause like they don’t know who you are, but you can totally just fill in the form on their page. Or you should just make your mom call, cause, like, they might ask questions, and they totally talk old, and like you can’t really understand them.

    DISCLAIMER: This page is parody.  No teenage girls or parents’ ears were harmed in the publishing of this web page.