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    A prom limo is a big part of the night. Many events and the functions organized in high schools for recreation and entertainment of the students. Some of these events attract students while others are a bit boring. One of the most popular events for all of high school is Prom Night.  Almost all the students keep on waiting for prom night all year long.  This shows their excitement to attend this culminating high school event.

    The planning of this event can bring lots of charm and glamour. The best possible way to make your prom special is to get your best friends together.  So hire a prom limo in Westchester NY. With our prom limo services, you can make your date feel special above every other person at the prom party. Our Westchester limo for prom can attract all the eyes and there are possibilities that other students might even envy you and your high style.


    One great benefit of hiring a prom limo is its spaciousness; more than 8 people can be easily accommodated. You can make your friends happy by carrying them along with you; however, some limousines are only designed for couples with two seating capacities. Other limousines can handle up to twelve or fifteen passengers.

    For most prom parties a stretch limousine or stretch SUV like an Escalade, Hummer or Lincoln Navigator is large enough to transport everyone. A popular choice for high school teens with large numbers of prom partiers who wish to travel to prom together is renting a prom party bus in Westchester NY.

    Using your own car or a parent’s car is not always possible for prom night.  Especially if you want something a bit more stylish and flashy than available. Moreover, renting a new large car is not very possible or practical due to the underage of the driver. Besides, who wants to be bothered with driving themselves on prom night? After a long night of partying and distractions, self driving is definitely not a good idea.

    Hiring a limousine service and renting a limo for prom night is the best option and it is affordable as well. Many parents look for prom limousine services in Westchester, NY due to the safety concern of their kids. We provide safe and luxurious Prom Limousine services in Weschester NY. With our expert chauffeurs in the driver’s seat, our guests as well as their parents can be confident.  The Prom’s transportation is handled sensibly by careful, respectful, and experienced chauffeurs.

    Prom Limo Packages

    We have different prom limo packages to fulfill every parent’s and student’s requirements and expectations; impeccable service, luxurious and safest limo, responsible, courteous, and a prompt chauffeur. You can likewise get our long 6 hour package.  Of course it includes many features like custom entertainment center, a refreshment bar, pickups as well as drop offs, and more. Don’t worry, all the limo packages are designed to save your money.  We provide affordable prom limo services in Westchester NY without compromising on quality.

    Prom limousine in Westchester, NY

    Give us a chance to make your prom a comfortable, memorable, and an unforgettable one. Prom limos are trending and it is in high demand so make sure you book the vehicles as soon as possible. Give us a ring to discuss your needs with one of our helpful prom limo experts, and choose the vehicle you’d like to reserve. Let us provide you with high class transportation for your special Prom this year.