• Choose the Best Limos for Prom Night in White Plains New York, and Westchester

    So you were finally able to convince that cutie from Algebra class to go to the prom with you. High Five Romeo! Now you had better get everything together before she changes her mind. Don’t blow this. Unless you fail PE again and get left back, you really only get one chance to do this right.

    You need to roll up in one of the tightest limos for prom and show everyone who is going to own this party. (Yeah, I’m talking about you – wake up already).  Complete the super simple form or call us today (914) 662-8446.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch luxury prom limo rental company.

    “We pamper couples and groups of all sizes with safe and stylish transportation services to and from the house, prom, after party, and everything in between.”

    1. Our limos for prom are clean

    You teenagers are all slobs. You already know it, so it’s OK to admit it. Sure your jeans can stand up on their own, your dog’s afraid to sniff your Nikes and that pile of rotten socks at the corner of your bed moves all on its own (nope, that wasn’t your imagination). But trust me, Holly does not want to ride in a stretch limo that looks like your closet and smells like toe cheese.

    That’s why Belvedere keeps his ride mad clean. He has the Gold Medal in dashboard scrubbing, leather polishing, carpet shampooing, wax buffing, and rim shining. OK, so he doesn’t really do all that himself, he pays someone else to do it. But either way, you will be getting one primo gleaming limo for prom. Which is exactly what your dates expect.

    2. Our drivers are professional

    Unlike you stealing your parent’s car for that 1AM joy ride in 9th grade, our drivers are fully licensed and legal. Well trained and the best at their craft, they are the G.I. Joe of Driving. But no worries, Belvedere is chill. He’s not going to stop you guys from having a great time, unless you do something really stupid that you’ll probably regret later. No sweat. Belvedere’s got your back.

    3. Our drivers are on time

    You want to really annoy your date and all your friends? Keep the girls waiting and show up late in the stretch Escalade. Good thing for you Belvedere and his limos for prom are always early because he takes his career seriously. One day when you’re done oversleeping for a living a have to get a real job, maybe you’ll understand. Although I doubt it.

    4. Our limos are stylish

    Remember when you slipped in the cafeteria and spilled that soda all over your crotch?  Yeah, well think the complete opposite of that.  Smooth and confident. Bold. Like Timberlake at the Grammy’s. So take Jessica’s hand and exit your A-Lister limos for prom or party bus like you own the place! Have some confidence Marty, you’re riding in the the hottest prom limo rental in town.

    5. Our schedule is flexible

    It’s best to have a plan for what you’re doing after the prom. No problem, Belvedere will take you and your date home at 10 p.m. after prom. Peck her on the cheek and spend the rest of the night staring at the ceiling of your lonely stinky room wondering how much fun all the cool kids are having.  I didn’t think so.

    So find out ahead of time where the after party is going to be, or have a few ideas of where you might hang out with your friends afterwards. If it changes up a bit at the last minute, no worries, Belvedere is easy – he’ll fire up the stretch limousine and take you wherever your party wants to go.

    6. Our limos are safe

    You won’t be stranded on the side of the road fighting through tears to focus on the cop car and the tow truck. Nope. Not with Belvedere driving. He’s an expert on all the safety features and mechanical details of his ride.  And if one of your friends starts acting like a complete fool, just give Belvedere “the look” and he’ll hit the big red Bond seat eject button (I’m just kidding – unless you tip him well, of course).

    One call will reserve the best limos for prom

    Give us a ring, tell us your high school name and the date of your prom, and get a hassle-free quote.  Beg your parents for their credit card so you can make the reservation.  You can figure out a way to trick them into paying for all of it later, but don’t delay calling us now at (914) 662-8446 or fill-out the easy two-minute form.

    Make your prom limo reservation early before all our great party buses and stretch limos for prom are all booked. You don’t want to end up shame walking out of Bubba’s Renta Wreck do you? You snooze, you lose, Buddy. Better call us today.