• How to Choose the Best Limo in White Plains, NY for a Romantic Get Away in Westchester

  • Let’s face it. You screwed up again. After another round of late-night meetings at the office, a dozen roses is just not going to cut it. She doesn’t want another pair of diamond earrings Romeo, she wants you. Your time – with her. Just the two of you pulling up to a fancy romantic restaurant in the back of one of our luxurious limos, is exactly what it takes to remind her why she fell in love with you in the first place (no, not for your money).  Call us anytime (914) 662-8446 or get a hassle-free quote by using the no-brainer form.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch luxury limousine rental company: “We pamper couples with stylish and safe limo rental services to and from the home, restaurant, theater, hotel, and everything in between.”

    1. Our limos are clean. You ride the subway to work so dirty doesn’t bother you, I get it. But this is the time for you to impress her, and women do not enjoy ick. Belvedere understands. He doesn’t do the cover-up thing.  Before your stretch limousine leaves the garage, we give all our limos the premier turtle wax, saddle leather oil, automotive super spa supreme.

    2. Our drivers are professional. All are well trained chauffeurs. From opening doors to tipping hats, you just let us know what level of hand kissing you feel comfortable with. Belvedere knows this is all about making you look good while you give her the star treatment she truly deserves.

    3. Our drivers are on time. You’ve been late for enough events and dates already. You’ve already proven you can’t be on time, no matter how often Siri reminds you hat you missed another appointment. Belvedere, on the other hand, lives by his clock. He is the train conductor for your perfectly timed evening. He will be early, as always, but don’t you get off on the wrong foot by rushing her, OK?

    4. Our schedule is flexible. This your romantic reconnect, remember? Don’t be a power monging control freak on your night out – simply let your spirits guide you. If you want to be spontaneous and change things up a bit, no worries. Belvedere will take you wherever she wants to go.

    5. Our limos are stylish. She wants luxury. She wants special. She wants to feel like the movie star of your love story together. So when she gets the top notch treatment riding in our chariot of the stars limousine, she will definitely feel like a celebrity.

    6.  Our limos are safe.  In White Plains, Yonkers, or New York City – Belvedere is the gladiator of city driving and all our limos are thoroughly inspected before each ride. Splendid. What really matters, however, is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Nada. No stress. No distractions. Just focus completely uninterrupted 100 percent on her. That’s all she really wants, and honestly, you owe it to her. Don’t you think?

    So are you finally ready to reconnect in the romantic way she expects? To show her how much you care, how much you share, and how much you listen? Too much? That’s okay. You’ve got to start somewhere so use the super simple form or give us a quick ring at (914) 662-8446 for your easy hassle-free quote. This will be worth at least three beer-fueled poker nights with the guys. For sure.