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    There are few better ways to travel home from the hospital after delivering a newborn baby than to ride in a limo rental or luxury sedan with first class service. After a long day or two spent in the hospital in labor, mothers often want to relax in a stress-free environment that is comfortable for both the parents and the baby. With professional limousine services, it’s possible to create a  memorable ride home in a lovely and clean limo. The mother will feel pampered when greeted by respectful and well-dressed chauffeurs that arrive on time at the hospital.

    1. One of the benefits of using limousine services when heading home for the first time with a newborn baby is the opportunity to travel in style in a lovely environment that allows the mother to feel secure. She can enjoy feeling safe in a discreet vehicle that offers a touch of luxury with leather seats and tinted windows. Complimentary beverages will be available to enjoy for each passenger for an easy way to relax before arriving home on time. The chauffer will also take the shortest route that is free of traffic and will easily navigate different streets home to ensure that both Mom and baby can arrive at their residence early with the personalized services.

    2. For a new mom who has never had the opportunity to travel in a limo rental or luxury sedan, the ride can make for a special memory that is remembered for a lifetime. She’ll enjoy feeling like royalty in a comfortable and clean limo for a regal way to travel in style. After a strenuous labor and delivery, it’s likely that she won’t feel like a queen after leaving the hospital, but the chauffer will work to accommodate and assist her needs in a respectful manner that will cause her to feel relaxed. Leaving the hospital to be greeted by well-dressed chauffeurs will make it easy to enter the vehicle and enjoy a stress-free environment that allows the baby to sleep quietly on the way home. She can prefer to close her eyes during the drive or make conversation with a courteous and professional driver who is friendly. She won’t have to worry about fighting traffic or feeling concerned for the safety of her child in the vehicle.

    3. When relaxing in the limo, the mother can also choose to make phone calls or read congratulatory cards that family and friends have sent. The touch of luxury with the first class service will make for a smooth transition to assist her with feeling comfortable with a new child. Once arriving home, she can enjoy relaxing after having a discreet ride that offers five-star privacy and personalized service that makes for feel pampered before adjusting to a new schedule as a parent.

    4. There are few events as special as taking home a newborn child, making it important to make the most of the ride home with a courteous driver who will arrive early and make it an enjoyable experience.

    So treat Mom and Baby to a clean classy  limousine ride home from the hospital.  Just fill out the super easy form for a hassle-free quote or give us a call today, at (914) 662-8446.  We can’t wait to “deliver” your Baby a second time!