• How to Choose the Best Bachelor Party Limo Service in White Plains, Yonkers, and New York City

    Your bro is going to spend years listening to his new wife complain about all sorts of miniscule things. Do you really want him to have to hear for the rest of his life about the Bachelor Party DUI, disorderly conduct arrest, and how he had to use the Hawaii Honeymoon money to pay the lawyer? Don’t screw this up for him. Hire our bachelor party limo services and do it right!  Fill out the fool-proof form or call us anytime (914) 662-8446.

    By White Plains Limos, Westchester New York’s top-notch bachelor party limo rental company.

    “We get your ass to the bachelor party in style, roll you guys up to the clubs like rock stars, and get you safely back home without losing the groom.”

    These are our rules:

    1.   No puking in the limo

    I had to put that up front. We know it’s a bachelor party, fellas, but that’s what the door is for. Ask Belvedere to stop and he’ll pull over so you can empty the Jack and Cokes and prepare yourselves for the next round. Puking on a rat in the alley makes for a pretty funny story, but puking all over your slacks in the bachelor party limo just means another embarrassing moment no one will EVER let you forget. You know how your boys are. And Belvedere will get pretty peeved.

    2. Have fun

    The whole purpose of the bachelor party is so you guys can have some fun before Yoko starts dressing your boy in pink polo shirts and takes him antiquing every Saturday. So live it up and let it rip. Roll like you’re the Boss. Dress sharp and class it up. This is Armani night, not Levis. Get it?

    When you roll up in the bachelor party limo, own it! Remember, your Bro is the star and all you guys are his enterouge. Springbank 10 Year Old Campbeltown.  Poterhouse. Candice Swanepoel and Jessica Alba. You’ve got a high class limo Bro!

    3. Make a plan

    Nothing is worse than a bunch of dumb guys sitting in the bachelor party limo looking at each other asking “Umm, where should we go next?” It doesn’t matter if you were the one the rest of the crew trusted to get this done right, or if you took up the sword because the rest of your buds couldn’t get their act together.

    Either way, you have got to develop some sort of plan. Doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Has to be simple enough to remember when you’re sloshed. And if you think your eyes will be too dilated to see, then take a few notes and slip it to Belvedere ahead of time while you can all still remember your names.

    Know whether you’re going to eat first or head straight for the clubs. Pick two or three hot spots, two or three activities, two or three clubs. Don’t be “that guy” who lets the bachelor party energy die because you don’t know where to go next.  Bachelor party limos are great. Belvedere will help you out before he watches you crash and burn, but he’ll probably tell us about it later. And we’ll all laugh at you.

    4. Be safe

    Belvedere will hop you all over the city safe and sound, wherever you guys want the bachelor party limo to go. Stick together and don’t wander off. Behave yourself in the clubs alright? You’ll have your chance to bang the bridesmaid in the coat closet soon enough. While the bride and her girls take their bachelorette party limo to NYC hot spots, escape quickly if you happen to see them. This bachelor party night is about your bro and having some fun together.

    So don’t ditch your buddies to hookup with Thumbelina at the dance club, ok? And don’t try to pickup the strippers, all-right Jack? They’re too hot for you and you probably say some pretty dumb stuff when you’re drunk. So do the right thing instead and talk-up the groom-to-be and buy your bro some dances. You can still watch and it’s not that creepy when it’s at the strip club, right?

    5. Don’t start a fight or get arrested

    You can have a lot of fun without being a total a-hole. But start a fight, destroy some property, or steal something and a great bachelor party night can end very badly. Belvedere is flexible, but do you really want him driving the bachelor party limo to the police station in the morning so you guys retrieve Crazy Chris because he forgot to pay the bar tab and hit the bouncer? Really?

    No worries about a DUI with Belvedere in your corner.   But he’s a lover not a fighter. He’s a chauffeur not a body guard. If he sees your crew hauling ass toward the bachelor party limo he’s gonna let you in and get you the hell out of there. But if Tyler Durden starts swinging a baseball bat, expect to pay the damages and a pretty hefty gratuity.

    6. Trust your driver

    Belvedere is your Alfred, Mr Wayne. It’s not his first bachelor party limo gig, so if he advises you it’s a bad idea to go someplace questionable, it probably is. When you guys bring a few hotties into the limo, no worries.  Belvedere won’t snap any instagrams or post any of your misdeeds on Facebook. Unless you forget to tip him, of course.

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