• How to Throw a Kick Ass Bachelorette Party: 4 Rules To Follow

    Planning a bachelorette party for a beautiful bride is exciting! Joining together with friends, and taking out the glamorous future wife-to-be is a memorable experience for everyone. However, there are so many party ideas that you can choose from that it can be overwhelming as well. Complete the party with bachelorette party limo service.  Call (914) 662-8446 and White Plains Limos will assist you. After all, she is getting a wedding limo on the day of the ceremony.  So why not a limo for the bachelorette party as well?  Here are some tips to make your bachelorette party absolutely amazing for everyone!

    1. Stay in touch and decide on plans together

    Figuring out where to go and what to do can be hard. When it comes to planning a bachelorette party, stay in touch with the party goers and decide what you want to do together. As you’re figuring out plans, send updates to one another and keep everyone in the loop. Delegate tasks to different bridesmaids so the maid of honor doesn’t become stressed. If you’re deciding between a stretch limo, party van or party bus, choose the bachelorette party limo service together to accommodate your needs.

    2. Take it out of town

    Sure, it will be fun going out at night in your city with friends. However, it will be even better if you plan a getaway that everyone can’t wait to pack their bags for! Get ready to travel somewhere dreamy and pick a place that all the ladies want to go. Maybe a trip to a gorgeous beach is the bride’s idea of a great weekend. Perhaps she would love for the bridesmaids to arrange a trip to a relaxing wine vineyard.

    3. Arrange for a great ride with bachelorette party limo service

    Making a grand entrance for the bride and her bridesmaids is a fun way to travel in style with friends. Give the bride the star treatment and order a party van, party bus or stretch limo with quality bachelorette party limo service. A limo that makes all the ladies feel like a celebrity will make it a night to remember! Arrange for bachelorette party limos from a company that will offer a clean limo for the party.

    4. Don’t pack the schedule too tightly

    A bachelorette party is meant to be fun. Don’t try to schedule too many things at once. Having back-to-back activities doesn’t allow for any breaks. This can leave the party attendants exhausted and tired by the middle of the night. Schedule a game for everyone to play, but keep it fun and light. Go to a fun pole dancing class together and take plenty of great photos! The bride will love the planned parts and the spontaneous parts of the party when she’s having a blast.

    Reserve your bachelorette party limo service early

    Make this bachelorette party an event to remember. Travel in style and experience the star treatment that a celebrity enjoys when you hire White Plains Limos. Give us a quick ring at (914) 662-8446 or fill-out the 2-min form and a helpful attendant will discuss your details.

    You’ll always step into an impressive and clean limo that will accommodate all your guests. Our bachelorette party limo service is sure to make your occasion phenomenal.