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    So go on and throw her a blast of a bachelorette party – without trying to compete with the XY idiots.  Put some thought behind it – as much as the wedding limo.  And remember that no matter how tame or crazy you ladies get, bachelorette party limos make everything classy and sophisticated.

    Look, your girl already knows that her Mr. Wonderful is probably going to be out on a booze fueled binge drinking mind bender night of debauchery and sheer stupidity with his six closest friends and two guys he barely knows.  When he claims later that nothing crazy happened, it’s not some Bro Code Oath of Secrecy – those dumbasses probably will blackout and genuinely not remember a thing.

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    There are three key rules to throwing a kick ass bachelorette party.  Sure we can make this list longer, but let’s face it you’re not likely to read it all anyway.

    Rule #1:  The future bride doesn’t pay for anything.  Nada.  Not one dirty dollar.  I sure hope you knew this already, so I am not even going to count that in the list.  It’s a freebie, Fran.  (Really, did I have to remind you?)

    1. Have fun

    The bachelorette party is all about you girls having fun together with the future bride and creating an opportunity for her to forget about all the wedding prep stresses and the drama of who gets to sit next to Aunt Edna at the reception.  Remember that this is her party.  Suzie wants everyone to get relaxing spa treatments.  Mary prefers sipping lattes dreaming over a classy nude model.  Lisa suggested going to a few beefcake gay clubs.  And we all know that crazy Kate just can’t wait to makeout with a stripper rubbing his privates on her.

    All great ideas, mind you.  Depending on the bride.  They key here is to think about what she would like.  Now if she’s normally quiet and demure, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should get all the girls together for a peaceful weekend of yoga meditation.  Maybe she just can’t wait for a chance to let her hair down with her most trusted gang.  Point here is to discuss the type of party with her in advance.  If she loves hot naked men then head to a strip club.

    If she is uncomfortable with strange privates, you ought to respect that.  If she wants to invite her mom, please find out why.  The key is to schedule activities that she would truly enjoy, and let Belvedere get you all there safe and sound in one of our stylish limos or fun party vans.

    2. Make a plan

    There is a big difference between having a plan and writing a long list of things to do.  Is it going to be one long night of fun or a weekend girls-only vacation?  Pick the activities ahead of time.  Write them down.  Develop a sequence of events that will be smooth and care free.  Once you know what activities you want to do, call one of our helpful attendants at (914) 662-8446 and he will figure out how long it will take for bachelorette party limos to get from one location to the next, and even suggest an order that might help you organize the party.

    You also have to find the right timing for the bachelorette party.  Too far in advance before the wedding and it might feel a bit too removed from the event; too close to the wedding day and Little Giana may be so ridiculously concerned about stuffing an unholy extra 2 pounds into her Monique Lhuillier that she won’t relax enough to have a good time.  Please, please, please don’t be the ones that book the bachelorette party for the night before the wedding!

    That is an extremely bad idea.  Belvedere has seen this happen before and it always ends badly.  Blood shot eyes do not match white gowns.  Dry heave hangovers ruin every bridal party photo op.  Just don’t do it.

    3. Be safe

    You want a professional chauffeur and he will shuttle you all over town safe and sound.  No worrying about DUIs or an accident when you hire bachelorette party limos pros like Belvedere.  Sure he has seen his share of penis hats, X-rated pastries, and liberated undergarments, but every bachelorette party is unique.  You can trust your bachelorette party limo driver to chauffer you all over town safely, so you and your girls can focus on the fun.  If you plan on hitting the clubs and getting a little wild, be sure to stay together and keep an eye on your future bride.

    She is the celebrity for the night and she will receive all sorts of great fun attention.  But to play it safe it’s a good idea to discuss her boundaries ahead of time, and appoint a mother hen to run interference if necessary when Don Juan cannot take a hint and stop dry humping the bride.  You can all relax knowing that Belvedere will be outside waiting for you so you girls can stumble into the limo instead of into the street.

    Choose the best bachelorette party limos

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